As a leading global experimental instrument and the purification of feed production of animal Research, Research Diets founded OpenSource ® purification of feed and BioDAQ ® feeding water monitor, to monitor the development and changes of clinical nutrition and disease, and develop clinical disease model can simulate the high purification of feed formula.Research Diets welcome all scientific Research personnel to contact us directly, they found for human nutrition, diseases, medical breakthroughs.

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OpenSource®Purification of feed

The Report, Repeat, Revise the Report which is repeatable
OpenSource®To use highly purified raw materials formula, high nutrition and have clear custom.

BioDAQ®Monitor the feed water

BioDAQ®Feeding water monitor can be measured and recorded separately in the cage rearing state of mice or rats eating habits.


The world's most perfect feed formula database


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Nutrition science and technology support team

Research Diets (RDI) specialization of experimental animal nutritional requirements, nutrition intervention experiment, and the use of food source induced to high clinical simulation of metabolic disease animal model.RDI nutrition science and technology support team is composed of nine full-time Dr Pegatron, experimental animals, nutrition, food science, biochemistry, drug development, genetics, neuroscience and medicine, such as the background, operation experience and experimental animals.Team members from all sides, can be in English, Chinese, Indian, es provide you the most perfect and convenient consulting services.In the United States, New Jersey, feed formula database has received more than 20000 t feed formula, RDI for researchers to read the review feed formula can be comfortable degree.And in combination with 40 years of experience in purified preparation of feed production, RDI can allocate difficult formula, for you to add active substances and originality to create various purification ability to feed.RDI nutrition science and technology team to assist the global scientific community so far successful build a variety of food source induced animal disease model.If you have any of the experimental animal nutrition and feed and other related issues, you are welcome to contact

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Jia - Yu (Holly) Ke, Ph. D.

Senior scientist/director of Asia market
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Sara Sturgess, M.S., R.D.N.

The project manager/scientist
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Steven Yeung, Margaret spellings.

Business development director
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Sridhar Radhakrishnan, Ph. D.

Senior scientist
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Michael a. Pellizzon, Ph. D.

Technical director
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Dushyant Kshatriya, Ph. D.

The project manager/scientist
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Matthew Ricci, Ph. D.

Vice President,
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Dima Paone, MB BCh.

Logistics director/scientist
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The Qing Ai, Ph. D.

The project manager/scientist

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